Friday, September 28, 2007

I am really looking forward to this weekend... The last several weekends we have had big events to go to and lots of running around. It will be nice to be a little more laid back. Tonight Mike gets to stay home and be a bachelor (which I can tell he loves because he gets to veg and eat junk food.... who wouldn't?) while I go to Samantha's Pampered Chef Party. I'm looking forward to it, I've never been to one... I also get a chance to get to know a couple new friends a little better :).
Tomorrow we are going to my cousin's homecoming football game. I haven't been to a football game in a long time. I hope it's just a bit cool out so we can justify bringing a blanket and getting some hot chocolate!
And Sunday... It's an exciting day at church! I am sure every one is very anxious to see and meet the new pastor candidate. I'll be praying that everything goes well for both him and the community!
Praise God for such a wonderful week! The weather has been beautiful, I had a big job that went successfully... and quite a few leads for new jobs!
Finally a reason to keep going! I really needed that... thank you God!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

All American Family

This is my big sis, Holly, and her gang on the 4th of july this summer. Aren't they cute?? From Left to right: Marie, Holly, Sydney, Luke (the little guy), and Chris (Her Hubby). They love getting dressed perfectly for every occasion!