Thursday, April 30, 2009


I haven't been up here in a while... so I thought turning 30 would be a typical thing to blog about... :)
The truth is, birthdays come and go and I don't give much thought to it. It's crazy how time flies, that just reminds me how I need to be responsible with what I have. Taking care of myself [ I NEED to work out and re-balance my diet], and using my time wisely... investing in myself and others. That's what it's all about!
Anyways our good long-time friends, Tony and Melyssa, came in for the weekend. We had lots of fun visiting and catching up! Always a ridiculous amount of laughter :) It was a great way to celebrate.
Business has been picking up... actually some-what consistent... for now! I'll take it, I am thankful.
That's pretty much it... Mike's sister Kristen is planning on coming with her 3 little ones this weekend, so I have a bit of cleaning and shopping to do. Hope the sun comes out!
We break ground on Tulsa Habitat for Humanity Women Build House #9 on Saturday... so that'll be fun and busy too!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Oil for Auction

Okay, I have yet to sign it... and possibly add another piece of stem... [and maybe a tiny little bug on it] but this is pretty much it.
Along with donating a custom project of my decorative art services, I also offered to do an oil painting for the upcoming Habitat for Humanity auction. Proceeds from these two donations will go toward
Women Build, a group I have been involved with since Fall.
I'll be curious to see how the painting does... I have never sold nor auctioned any of my oils... I tend to get too attached after hours and hours of work... this one probably only took me 12-16 hours though... so I'll keep a picture :)
Today I'll be working on the
Kustom Kate display... then hopefully I will be finished with auction stuff with a couple weeks to spare... not like me to be so ahead of schedule... but the painting will probably take a couple weeks to dry.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Stuff...

If I hear just one more time
That I should try and be more open-minded
I think I just might scream
The world says this is all there is
Yet I believe the One who says there's life after this
Now tell me how much more open can my mind be?
"One Trick Pony"

I was rockin to this song while working earlier this week...
Love the words of that verse

[I tried to embed the video but You Tube has Gotten Tricky... it's called "Jesus Would've Been a Biker - One Trick Pony - Mercy Me" Check it out if you have 3 min 46 sec ]