Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Studio.... (inmygarage)

This Week's Project.... (Cabinets)

After just short of a year of living in Oklahoma... this past May/June ; I got really annoyed with lugging my supplies into the house from various storage places to work on samples, and projects. So one day I got motivated, made a list, went to Lowes, and got to work creating myself a work-space. Of course summer came early this year... I spent a little over a week organizing and putting shelves up etc in 105 degrees 'til about 10:30 pm each night. Who-da-thought the rest of the summer would be mild?

Anyways, I LOVE working out there. I have spent many of the summer evenings working, creating, playing and jamming to tunes. My work doesn't really feel like work to me... I CRAVE it... just ask Mike.. I go crazy if I don't have something to paint :)


Kitty in a box.. Iris has made herself a home in one of the boxes from Mikes Birthday... She thanks my mom :)