Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Social networks and professionalism

A couple years ago when I started this blog, my intention was to use it more to share who I am with those I was in ministry and the students I was ministering to at the Stone Church in Palos Heights IL. Well everyone else was doing it... so I jumped on the band wagon... lol (and also to make an attempt at some creative writing or journaling... whatever) It was actually a fun little network we had going there for a while... I looked forward to everyone's posts every day or couple of days. And it's still a neat way to keep in touch.. although most of us don't update as often. I think twitter took us by storm :)
Anyways after chugging through the first couple of posts, and feeling stupid about having basically a public journal... I started keeping things in mind to write about, and looked forward to the opportunity to share a piece of myself with my friends and whatever random visitors.
Anyways I started using the space to provide links to Kustom Kate, and share some of my work and promote my business. Hey, it's real-estate.... use it, right??? I mean I coulda seperated business from personal, but that's a lot of juggling! I've had a couple eyebrows raised about sharing my faith in one post and then promoting my services in the next. And then became a conservative political junky talking about policy and gov.. knitting... gardening... Well you get it , all over the map. I just have too many interests and really enjoy the opportunity to express myself in writing [and pics].
Well, it's interesting to me how social networking media have progressed. This stuff was all supposed to have different compartments... like linked in for your professional contacts, myspace (I AM referring to 5 yrs ago) for personal, then facebook and twitter etc etc. Now, not only for me, but for anyone who chooses to participate, it has muddied together, and I think it's a beautiful thing!
Now employers look at how you conduct yourself on Facebook and Twitter as much as they scrutinize your resume and past experiences. I mean think about it, wouldn't you? As a business owner myself, I care just as much [if not more] about character over credentials (for obvious reasons).
When given the opportunity to choose, wouldn't you rather do business with an accountable, honorable respectable person than a smarty pants? (I mean take a look a look at the unexperienced Harvard grad running the country.... oops I mean... nevermind)
Anyways the sum of my thoughts are... Maybe I was a little ahead of the trends, (as always, but I'm in a good industry for that ;) ) but, social networking DOES affect your professional life. It's unavoidable; but it really shouldn't matter if your character is consistent.
It's a small world, be who you want this world to perceive you to be.

I feel that I could elaborate further, but I fear that this post is already a confusing mess of words and punctuation.....

(this post was not written with any one in mind, it's just a thought I had rolling around and wanted to share)

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Extreme: Connecting and Creating

This week I had the priviledge of participating in the Extreme Makover home here in Tulsa. Initially I was reluctant to commit to volunteering. Not because I didn't want to volunteer... heck it seems that I do a lot more volunteering than paid work [wait, that's because I really do]. It's because I wasn't interested in an all-nighter... my adrenals just can't handle it anymore. I probably have United Airlines to thank for that, LOL.
Anyways, my friend Marilie volunteered her workroom to do some sewing for the project, and nominated (? I don't know if that's the best choice of a word but we'll go with it) me to get involved in the decorative artwork... so I agreed. It sounded like they really needed the help. Crazy that it's so last minute, but I guess that's how it works. The designer from the show said he needed 8-10 artists.. and asked me to help gather. So, me, the people organizer got on it 'cause that's what I do.
My first thought was: let's call the best in town... now I don't know who they are because, since moving here my efforts to connect with any Decorative Artists have been thwarted; So I basically gave up months ago... Anyway I googled and called a few. Everyone seemed willing and eager to get involved.
It was exciting to be involved in helping a deserving family, and the whole tv production thing was nuts, but for me the biggest blessing was in the 2 friends that I made. The past few months have been tough for me, I've been working hard at this thing and constantly praying and evaluating how much more I wanted to give it .. or be forced to make a decision to transition out of it. Well, not forced but.. how long can you keep running to stand still??
My interactions with the local decorative artists showed evidence that I have "moved that bus" (get it?). So I'll keep on doing what I'm doing... I'm not as invisible as I feared.
Don't get me wrong, my life is a abundantly filled with joy and blessing.. I just didn't know if I needed to be directing my energy elsewhere. I walked away from this experience with some long-awaited answers, and am EXTREMEly (haha I did it again) thankful for that.
Here are a couple pics... don't know what I'm allowed to post... so hopefully I won't get in trouble :)

My new friends: Teena and Lisa

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