Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Visitor :)

This Past weekend My Cuz Anne came in for an awesome visit! We kicked off the weekend with Bocce and Pizza...
On saturday we went to Safari Zoo in Broken Arrow and Met Missy and Fed the Tigers...

Later on we Played LOTS of Settlers of Caton; Our super fun neighbor firends came too ... and we grilled an awesome dinner!

Great fun... definately a treat to catch up with Anne IN PERSON! Crazy how much time passes between visits with our favorite people as we get older.. It was a long overdue visit... Now I better make plans to go to DC before too much time passes!

Thank you for Coming Ann-a-rooski!

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Sunflower For Kate

I couldn't post until this Gift reached it's rightful owner....
I had fun doing it though!

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The 4th in Denver!

I know I am a bit late... but I did want to share our adventures to Denver over the 4th of July with all of my AVID readers. [note sarcasm]

Anyways we took a road trip to Denver from Tulsa... the drive started out beautiful... Here in Green Country! Once we reached western OK it was very important to try and keep up good conversation all the way to Denver.... Yes, although a natural wonder in itself... there are streches in South Eastern Colorado where you can see NOTHING but hay... No I am not exaggerating Not a House Not a Bush, Not a Tree, Not a Cow!

Alas once we arrived we had great fun! Upon our arrival we recieved a free guided tour of the Historic Borown Palace Hotel Denver by my brother Ryan. Then we were on to have Dinner with Aunt Julie and Uncle Bob.... it was delicious and great conversation!

We woke up on friday morning and headed to Idaho Springs for mine and Mike's first experience with white water rafting! Super fun... I was freaked out... but My Tough Guys : Ryan and Mike did a great Job Keeping us out of trouble on those Class 4 Rapids. YIKES!

Saturday we enjoyed a first-class viewing of the Denver Pro LaCross team on the field at Invesco... cooking on the field by the Brown Palace 5 Star Chef's. After the game Fire Works!!!

Then we headed back to Ryan's for some late night chats... then up early to make coffee for everyone at Ryan's Church... After Church we filled our bellies with BBQ and hit the road!

It was an action Packed weekend.... and of course too short!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cub's Room

Today I finished painting a Todler's Room in Bixby OK in a Chicago Cub's Theme. It was a treat to do... considering I'm a Chicago Girl myself!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hand Painted Vanity

This week's project was fun! Some furniture pieces can really be fun!

I used a little silver tamise for some sparkle :)

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