Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday: My mom came in on Thursday, Ryan was supposed to come in on Friday night... Mom came in on thursday as planned, then we went in to the Doc friday morning to find out Mike was fighting the early stages of Pneumonia... Later that day after lots of cooking... we found out that Pneumonia is, in fact, very contagious! So we called off the party and Ryan decided to pospone his trip... maybe 'til new years?
Meanwhile Jenny and I had decorated the dining room and table so pretty and we had all this food! So Jenny and Jason decided that they had immune systems of steel along with my mom and I :) And we made the best of things!
Here's the abbreviated Thanksgiving gang: 11-6=5 This photo (below) captures a moment in the whole 2/24 hours Mike was vertical on Saturday... [Sunday was about the same]
After Dinner we moved into the Kitchen/Family Room for Dessert and coffee where Jason demonstrated for us the "proper" way to drink coffee from a china cup.

Thanks to God for:
  • The Healing Mike has experienced in the past week.
  • Bringing my mom here and home again safely
  • Pure and unrelenting friendships
  • A roof over my head
  • A warm meal to eat
  • Infinite grace, love, trustworthiness, and mercy
  • Wisdom and perspective