Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ha! Barely over a week later and I had to bust out the maternity clothes... aye aye what am I in for? I hope it's not that I am eating too much... I feel like I need to make sure I get a good balance in... plus sweets :)
We finished up a fabulous job yesterday... this one I will definately post pics of.. it was one of our favorites in quite a while! Glad about it 'cause it was also one of my last... at least for a while. We'll see what the future brings... in the mean time I have no lack of things to keep me busy.
We have our last floor to lay on saturday... PRAISE GOD. Then there will be plenty of wall repair cleaning etc to do before the Adkins gang comes for easter.
After easter is a mad crazy month of prep for Clean Slate which is May 19th. Clean Slate is our church's version of Extreme Makeover... and it IS EXTREME! Super excited and blessed to be a project leader in this life changing ministry for the second year in a row!
Throughout the summer I will have my garden and yard to tinker in while preparing for Baby and a couple visits to Chicago and one to Tucson. The time will fly! I have no doubt that Kustom Kate will keep me busy... just in different ways than climbing ladders and busting butt. Hoping to move into more custom artwork type stuff... I've been lucky to have inquiry already :)) And my new studio will be ready within the month! YAY. That's it for now I have to go shop for art for a client before the day runs out...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Weeks

Well, I haven't checked in since my initial announcement so I thought I'd talk about how the journey is going... Probably not a superr exciting post for most, but I thought it would be nice to have a couple notes anyway.
I remember when this whole thing started I'd call Holly [my sister] regularly and ask... is this normal? Or should I expect this? yada yada She always said, I don't know or I can't remember... I'd think DUH? How do you not remember? You have 4 kids and the youngest is not even 3 yet? Haha... now I understand....
Everything has been pretty normal so far. No nausea... not suprised because I decided early on not to go there... mind over matter; that's how I deal with flu season too.
Not super tired unless I tire myself out. Everything fits just fine... for the next couple weeks anyways. I really do enjoy getting out of pants and into sweats if I am out on appointments, working or running around all day. No strong aversions or cravings to foods. That could still be yet to come.
My only complaint: the first several weeks I had insomnia. That was annoying!
I do however really enjoy reading about the development of our baby though... I have an app for my phone that tells what organs/body parts are forming. I think it was like week 7 or 8 the baby already and fingers and toes developing! Not even an inch long and already fingers, toes and now teeth budding! Crazy! The books also say that the sex has already been decided we just won't know for a while yet!
Pretty neat stuff! God is Great! We just keep praying for healthy development of a healthy baby!