Friday, August 28, 2009

Meg's Leaf

A close friend of mine from college, Meg, recently moved from the mountains of British Columbia to a suburb of Vancouver. They've been fixing up and revovating the home they bought and she's been looking for unique artwork for her dining room. She was looking for something with a nature theme but I know she has always had a knack for the contemporary. She sent me pictures of the room and other selections she has made in the house so I could get an idea for color and the direction of style they are taking throughout the home.
When a vision finally came to me and I described it as a leaf "like something a hobbit would drink tea or water from" I knew she was probably a bit nervous. But the final result is not that creepy... it's whimsical but not wierd... at least I don't think so.
I haven't shipped it yet. but I e-mailed her a picture and it sounds like she's rather excited!
This is something I want to be doing a lot more of. If you're stumped on a gift idea for someone or need to fill a niche in your home with some thing unique... keep me in mind! Everything I do is custom :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We moved down here to Oklahoma just over a year ago.. it's been a great year of meeting new people, making new friends, learning our way around, building [or starting over for the 3rd and final time] Kustom Kate, and working on the house and yard while waiting for my marketing efforts to come to fruition :)
The good thing is that the house is personalized (for the most part) and the yard has lots of plants flowers and a vegetable garden! However in the meantime there have been ups and downs and lots of conversations with God asking for revelation and direction. I actually really connected with Third Day's song "Revelation" when they started playing it on the radio.
It feels like just in the past week or 2 things have begun to come uncovered for both of us and I am jumping out of my skin with excitement waiting to see what God has in store for us in this next stage...
We're in the process of getting connected in a church that's doing a great job of making the Gospel: The message of Jesus Christ relevant to today's world.
Mike's working with the 9th and 10th Grade boys... I am looking to serve in some way also... I have a great idea for a ministry I'd like to start and see expand to many cities that I will share later.
We went to our first Community group/Home group/Bible study... whatever you want to call it :) on sunday evening and REALLY enjoyed the people!
Kustom Kate is starting to grow... I have worked hard and invested time and resources into marketing harder than I have ever had to before. Not knowing anyone in a depressed economy while trying to sell a high-end luxury service has really been challenging. I thank God for the strength and perserverance and will continue to need it... Everytime I wanted to give up I thought "What else would I do?" Paint is my passion... that's what I've been given.
And I have been getting into more and more fine art which has been really fun... I hope that continues to grow... I would even be really happy if that's where Kustom Kate was ultimately going... we'll see :) One of my pieces got selected for viewing among other local artists with Tulsa Young Professionals to hang in Gilcrease Museum for a week... I am excited about that. What does it mean?? Nothing really, but it's exciting and something to add to the resume :)
Anyways, it's been an uphill climb and it feels good to have finally reached a plateau... I am going to enjoy this for a while because as we all know... the terrain changes quickly!
"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" PH 4:13