Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 New Pieces and a Road Trip

Here are a couple more of these "contemporary" pieces I have been posting. I am starting to generate more and more ideas... we'll se how this goes... Either I will find a place to display and sell them, or I will have a closet full of paintings. :)

These are for sale anytime and would also make great gifts :) E-Mail or comment if you need size info.
Last week I drove down to Killeen Tx to help my bud (since pre-school) Sheri and her husband Steve freshen up a few things before putting their house on the market. Here's a picture of the most luxurious welcome-center I have ever seen.... Only in Texas!

Of course I had to stop... my love for maps forces me to stop and get a free map every time I enter a new state :) I really do love maps... my other bud Katie used to buy me an atlas every year for my birthday!
While there... we worked our tails off. We re-painted the master bedroom and moved furniture, applied a metallic stripe to dress-up the entry way, touched-up ceiling and trim in whole house, did lots of weeding and planting outside, went shopping for house stuff.. managed to swing by the GAP... and ate a lot because we were burning up all the calories :) I also painted her neighbor's family room, and fireplace.... I was sore!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Past week and next...

This past week went by pretty quickly...
It started off monday... with visiting angels. I was with the client from 9-5 cooking cleaning and going to the doctor. A long but easy going day!
Tuesday and wednesday I was doing some running around and made some samples for a friend's place of business. If you get time take a peak ! I'll be there tomorrow installing some decorative panels :)
Thursday through Saturday I, along with a handful of Women Builders, was at Habitat for Humanity painting and helping to finish a new office built for one of our Habitat employees!
(I added a bit of Kustom Kate Flare)
Here's a pic, but for more info, visit

Tormorrow I need to head back and finish up a bit of trim painting, and then to Elegance by Design to install painted panels.
My plan is to head to Kileen Texas on Tuesday morning to help my bud Sheri and her Husband prepare their house to put on the market... Good news! She booked a job for me at her neighbor's house too!

Road trip! Looking forward to the drive... lot's of music and some Coke Classic!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Trip to Illinois...

I know it's been like a hundred years since I posted... well, a couple weeks anyway. Time just flies by...
Anyways Mike and I made a trip home weekend before last... When our Niece Sydney tried out and got a part for "Sound of Music" with Christian Youth Theatre, I told her that I would come and see. Mike also expressed a desire (which I was totally up for too) to Join CREW for winter retreat... How great they both fell on the same weekend! Everything worked out great!
I left for Chicago a day and a half ahead of Mike, my friend Melyssa came and picked me up from the airport. We went for lunch and then by her house to check out all their latest home improvement projects. It was great to catch up and spend some time together... we had lots of laughs as usual... and Cresston her adorable 2-yr old too!
Then I was off to Holly's! We had LOTS of work to do! We painted her Kitchen a sort of subdued green-apple color, then added some accents... It looked awesome! Meanwhile Chris put up picture frame molding below the chair rail in the bathroom so we could tackle that room next! If she E-mail's me pics, I'll post!
Friday we hustled up to finish the bathroom, then I had to shower and me and Marie went to pick up Mike at the airport. The 3 of us went for pizza at Nicks in Chrystal Lake... our favorite! Then off to the Play! The production was amazing and I welled up with tears of pride for Syd... she did great!
Saturday morning we woke at my mom's and headed out to Stone Church for a weekend of laughs, fun, praise and growth with Crew. The trip this year was a bit easier than last... it wasn't snowing and we could actually see in front of us!

Some of the more serious moments (team building) at Winter Retreat 2009

I am always amazed by this group of young adults, there is no pretense. Everyone loves and accecpts eachother for who they are. It's rare to see such a wide range (7-12 grade) get along so well. It really is a family, a loving family! Pastor Erik and (Pastor :) ) Bethany do an amazing job leading and directing this group.
We are greatful to take part and experience all of you. I trust these kids and kids like them to be the next generation of leaders!
When we got back, we finished off the weekend with a visit with the Stenglein family at Kristen's in Oak Park! Pretty amazing trip!