Monday, May 25, 2009

An interesting call

Okay... I don't necessarily talk about each and every job I do... however this one was different..
I got a call from a business in Okmulgee OK... about an hour or so away... They needed someone to do some seasonal painting on their windows... something I had neve done before... so I hope that the paint doesn't wash off... here are a couple pics:

Was it worth the time? I don't know, I have to think about it. It was an adventure anyways :)

A Relaxing end to a CRAZY month!

It all started a month ago with my birthday... as I mentioned in my previous post we have some great-long-time friends come and visit for my birthday weekend and we had a lot of laughs! The next weekend Mike's sister came down with her 3 munchkins... the weather wasn't great... but we managed to have a great and silly time :) Quality time with family is always welcome here!
What's interesting about that weekend too is that it is the same weekend we were supposed to break ground.. or raise the wall for house #9 Habitat for Humanity Womenbuild Tulsa... we were blessed to have the celebrity Trisha Yearwood to come and do some building and promotional videos to kick off national Women Build Week... Anyways it was so rainy that week and we were not going to be able to build outside... so the 10 of us Lady Builders that formed a committee last fall were informed at 6pm on friday that we would be making a luncheon for her and her Hubby Garth Brooks at noon on saturday... yikes! No pressure or anything ;) Anyways I made Brownies [yes from the box] and a cheese and cracker platter. It was a great time and I was pleasantly impressed by their humility and open hearted love for Jesus. What a great day it was!
Anyways.. the next weekend I got sick... I went to the wall raising day and had fun... but needed rest! Then on tuesday Mike's parents called us with a last minute decision to come and visit the next [last] weekend. Once again we had a great visit... lots of time to hang out and chat... they brought us lots of plants and Mike's mom helped me with lots of gardening... and we went to Mayfest in Tulsa a quality visit again.
Anyways needless to say we decided to take it easy over Memorial Day we I went to the build on saturday and drank about 18 gallons of water and never peed because it was so hot! But it was great fun!
Yesterday we went to church and then just chilled! We had Mike's boss and wife for a noon BBQ today and are now winding down [I'm catching up on 4 blogposts and he's doing homework] for the week .... a relaxing end to a CRAZY month!
If you haven't yet check out I have been updating progress on the house! :)