Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oliver 9 Months : A visit to Gramma's

This month Oliver and I went to visit my Mom in Tucson for 2 weeks. He was an absolute angel on the plane both ways, thank God! I was a bit nervous about how that would go! We went to see Dr Martha for Allergy treatments and also had 3 Cranial Sacral treatments done to help align the bones in his skull... what a difference! We went for a walk and swam almost every day and enjoyed lots of quality time with "gramma"!
Being in my first tri-mester with baby #2 it was a MUCH needed break from the "norm" for me too! I have been trapped inside much of the time this summer with the heat and this one is taking a greater toll on me that Oliver did! My mom was a HUGE help with Oliver and let me take some much needed naps too!

While we were there, Oliver turned 9 months.


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