Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Just thought I'd post a little update.. it's been a while.

In Mommy news we've been sucessfully introducing solids for the past several weeks. I felt confident and did green beans without checking for allergy first 'cause things were going so well. He broke out but we caught it quick. I had him treated and then 'pureed' some of my own, but they only chopped up fine... still kinda mealy... we tried to re-introduce today at lunch and he did not like AT ALL. I think it was more texture than anything so I am going to wait a bit ... maybe just give him store-bought for a while. I think they cook them more 'cause the color is not as fresh looking.

We've been eating asparagus, broccoli, chive, lettuce and herbs from the garden for a few weeks now. Peas are all blooming so hopefully a matter of time.

I'm motivated to get some of the landscaping looking better. Mainly because I want to mix-in some fun interactive kid-stuff... but some areas really need some attention anyways.

I've been having fun making the bags and purses... I was able to successfully come up with some of my own designs and they turned out cute. I feel like I was able to conquer (not perfect) that quest so I am okay with moving on to the out-door stuff for a while... haha.

Anyways that's about it. I'm 33 today. WHhooopppeeedddooo.

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