Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 months....

Well... actually more like 5 1/2 months, He's 24 weeks today!...
I dressed him up in these overalls one day last week and thought he looked so cute, I better get the camera out! His skin has been so sensitive that all I've been able to put him in these last couple of months is sweats. I bought these overalls when I was pregnant and now that he can finally wear them, he will probably grow out of them in just a few short weeks! His skin is consistently improving, some days better than others.... nothing at all like how bad it was with the undiagnosed bacterial infection. We're slowly introducing solid foods.
He's been doing fine with rice cereal for several weeks. We tried Banana's first and he had a reaction. Then peas, then avacados, they seem to be going well. His favorite so far is avacado! Next is sweet potato's, then oatmeal baby cereal.
He's also rolling over now and has had 2 teeth since he was 22 weeks old! He's really at a fun age, sitting better and better all the time, and LOVES the Jump-a-roo!
Since moving to solid foods twice a day he's sleeping through the night too! He goes to bed @ 7, we wake him for a bottle @10, he wakes @ 5am for a snack and gets up around 7 or so. Not bad!


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